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The Next Generation of High-End Construction

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At Montierre we take pride in every facet of our work. From the beginning stages to the final result, we demand the best from ourselves to produce the best for our clients. See how Montierre is changing construction.

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We believe that excellence comes from having a strong team full of shared values and a focus on amazing results. Montierre’s team is full of some of the strongest minds in construction today, with an unparalleled array of knowledge. We would love for you to consider Montierre for your next project and understand what makes us the Next Generation of High-End Construction. 


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Sonny's The CarWash Factory

Sonny’s The CarWash Factory is an all-in-one car wash supply factory and training center located in Tamarac, who turned to Montierre to upgrade and expand their space. While every project has its challenges, the Montierre team was able to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping both the Montierre staff and Sonny’s staff safe, while delivering a quality finished product.

Not only was Montierre able to put a smile on the face of Sonny’s owner after completion, but was also able to work on and complete several other Sonny’s locations.

Jungle Island

Jungle Island in Miami is an eco-adventure park who turned to Montierre to renovate their existing barn into a hub for their Jungle Adventure Camp, while also installing an electrical room and a Florida Power & Light power supply vault.

The project not only utilized many areas of Montierre’s expertise but was hit by multiple delays and drawbacks. True to form, our team was able to anticipate potential issues and find solutions to complete the project on schedule.

Proton International

The South Florida Proton Therapy Institute powered by Proton International is leading the next generation of cancer treatment, so they turned to the next generation of high-end construction to complete their space. 

Montierre was able to connect 15 different modular units on site, plus connect all utilities. In addition to the satisfaction of completing a project, this was an especially satisfying build knowing that we would be helping people in their fight against cancer.