Spencer Heine


Spencer Heine – Superintendent – is Montierre’s specialist in OSHA standards, and oversees many of the team’s projects from start to finish. A master of the little details, he focuses on quality control, day-to-day documentation, and construction scheduling. With a diverse background in all aspects of construction, Heine is able to understand all the various trades that go into each project and incorporate his team’s talent into a cohesive and beautiful project.

Heine’s favorite part of the job is the ability to turn over a great project that he’s had a major role in from start to finish. The sense of accomplishment seeing an idea come to full fruition is immensely rewarding.

Communication is key, and that sets Heine apart from others in the construction industry, always striving for clear and consistent communication with his team, the office personnel and the client. This helps him see potential problems and solve them before they become delays.

At Montierre, Heine trusts each and every one of his crew members and loves the entire company’s commitment to go above and beyond, with a diverse and experienced team that contains unparalleled amounts of construction knowledge.


Spencer Heine